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Let ConveyancingSpace do the hard work of finding your customers and you can concentrate on want you do best, reviewing and advising on Contracts for your valuable customers.

Increasingly the innovation of internet and social media it is gettingharder and harder to find customers. When you join ConveyancingSpace, it's like adding a whole marketing department to your company -- overnight. From the moment you join our network, you will receive access to qualified leads that you won't see anywhere else. Result ? More business.

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ConveyancingSpace – Your Marketing Department!


We have helped hundreds of conveyancing business become more efficient by saving valuable time and dramatically lowering their marketing cost. How ? We give you the clout of a large corporation on a small cost effective budget to target only the specific leads that you want. By using ConveyancingSpace you can leverage the significant investment of our platform without having to make any significant investment in technology, web site and internet and media advertising. The result is significant savings in your marketing spend.


  • We specialise in conveyancers only !

    Don't get your get your marketing message confused with other market / service directory sites who market to every business possible from cleaners to painter etc.

  • Save you time

    No need to set up a website or wait by the phone. ConveyancingSpace does the marketing for you, and sends leads direct to email or SMS to your mobile phone.

  • Low Risk

    ConveyancingSpace online control panel enables you to instantly limit or pause your leads at any time 24/7.

  • Proven and tested advertising spend

    With ConveyancingSpace you get the benefit of a proven and tested advertising spend. You only pay for the leads we supply. There are no joining fees or other hidden nasties.

  • Location of your leads is customisable

    We allow you to specify areas from which you will receive leads from. You can specify at a state, city or even region (eg Lower North Shore).

  • Instant customer notification

    We send you customers by SMS or E-mail. You can respond quickly to customer enquiry so that you can maximise your potential business.

  • Online Account Management

    You can view and manage your leads, modify your online profile, view and receive invoicing online 24/7.

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Reach More Genuine Leads.

The ConveyancingSpace marketing team targets, captures and qualifies your LEADS for you. So you get the right leads at the right time. And for even more efficiency, you can target the exact type of conveyancing customers you want while filtering out those you don't. The process begins the moment customer decides to complete the online request for a conveyancer at ConveyancingSpace.

Step 1: User clicks ConveyancingSpace Ad
Step 2: User is directed to
Step 3: User is directed to fill out a qualification form
Step 4: Based on the qualification, up to 3 conveyancers will compete with quotes provided to the consumer.